SwiftCoders: Interviews with Swift Developers

72: Andy Obusek - iOS Engineer at Warner Brothers Digital Labs & Associate Editor in Chief at RayWenderlich.com

November 22, 2017


- Black Friday Sale Nov 24-27: https://www.raywenderlich.com/177687/black-friday-sale-coming-soon-2

- Be the Leader of Learn Swift NOVA! Reach out to Andrew Rudkosky on Twitter https://twitter.com/SkyPlasticBeer



- Andy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/obusek

- Andy's blog: http://cleanswifter.com

- RWDevCon 2018 - https://www.rwdevcon.com



Sorry about my vocals on this episode. I failed to ensure that the input for my vocals was properly selected. Human error. I added a note to my check list to triple check so it shouldnt happen again.


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