SwiftCoders: Interviews with Swift Developers

68: Logan Wright - Full Time OSS Developer at Vapor

October 18, 2017

Logan Wright works at Vapor, which builds the open source Swift web framework, as well as Vapor Cloud. We talk about Vapor, Vapor Cloud, Vapor 3.0, the State of Server Side Swift and much more. Enjoy!




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- Logan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/logmaestro

- Vapor: https://vapor.codes

- Vapor Cloud: https://vapor.cloud

- Vapor Slack Team: http://vapor.team

- Vapor article via Medium: https://medium.com/@LogMaestro/server-side-swift-c965b7ebe6e7

- Tanner: http://tanner.xyz

- Laravel: https://laravel.com

- Swift Server Working Group: https://swift.org/blog/server-api-workgroup/

- Nodes: https://www.nodesagency.com

- Node HTTP Parser - https://github.com/nodejs/http-parser

- Pythonista - http://omz-software.com/pythonista/

- Intrepid: http://www.intrepid.io

- Intrepid iOS Apprentice: https://jobs.lever.co/intrepid/7ab52936-a915-4554-9ee6-8e4ab9b8eac8 

- iOS Developers HQ Slack Team: https://ios-developers.io


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