SwiftCoders: Interviews with Swift Developers

31: Patrick Bohrer - Technical Lead of Swift@IBM

October 19, 2016
Patrick and I talk about all the Swift at IBM projects. Unfortunately, we don't get to learn about his personal story because there was so much Swift@IBM stuff to talk about. But, if you're interested in server-side Swift and considering using Kitura, then you should definitely listen to this episode. We break down all the projects, what they are, why and how to use them, and how they all fit together.

If you want to get started with standing up your own web service using Kitura, or even just learning about it, Patrick recommends getting started by downloading the Cloud Tools for Swift app for macOS (see link below), then sign up for a BlueMix account through that app, and then checkout one of the sample projects like BluePic (link below). 


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